The Primal Professional has rebranded to Chronology.

Professional Appearance. Postural Alignment.

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Our Shoes are the Highest Intersection of Style and Comfort.

In 2010, I was a corporate accountant who got really into fitness. In 2010, I felt like my health goals and my career goals were in conflict. In 2010, I started asking, " What defines a dress shoe? What defines a healthy shoe? And how do we reconcile these vast differences?" Since 2010, we've come up with 20+ features and benefits that make our shoes the Highest Intersection of Style and Comfort.


Testimonial by: Chris Kresser, Acupuncturist, NY Times Bestselling Author, Berkeley, CA

" As soon as I put them on, I knew I was going to like them. You know how most dress shoes are pretty uncomfortable until you break them in? Not the case with these—they felt great right from the start. It was honestly a little disorienting, because I don’t associate dress shoes with comfort at all, and these Primal Professionals were really easy to wear. " (full review on


Professionals in your industry love Chronology shoes.



Country of Origin Update, Dec 2015

December 09, 2015

Originally, our shoes were made with a stock leather from Seidel Tannery in Milwaukee. The shoe uppers were cut and sewn in-house by Weinbrenner. For Version 3 of our shoes, in our Quest for Quality, I decided to take a look abroad. Weinbrenner was exploring working with a new tannery and uppermaker located in the Dominican Republic. 


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Rebrand: the Primal Professional is now Chronology

November 14, 2015

the Primal Professional is now Chronology. Why did we change names? The Primal Professional is too long. At 7 syllables and 21 letters long, it was a mouthful to say, and took a good second to write. Why Chronology? The discussion for a new name happened between Cherry and me during a long drive. As we bounced around ideas for a new name, the concept of Time kept coming up: Timeless style.

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Expected Dates and Production Timelines

August 04, 2015

Want to see what we've completed, what remains, and their ETA? This spreadsheet provides a continuously updated timeline. I originally made this spreadsheet for myself to track and plan our production. I realized it was also a great way to keep you guys informed. As of this posting, our upper supplier is cutting and sewing uppers for our test run of the V3 Oxfords in Black.

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Oxford V3: What's taking so long?

March 28, 2015

I'd been talking a whole lot about the boots in the last few newsletters, but this issue we focus back on the Oxfords.The bad news... Read More