June Update

Hey folks,

It's all coming together. How far we have come...

Our new upper, made with our new leather, built on our new last, attached to our new outsole. Together as one. For more photos: https://www.facebook.com/thePrimalProfessional 

After giving this prototype a thorough look and wear, we told our last maker that the lasts are approved. They will begin the grading process. This is where they develop the rest of our size range, making sure that all of the sizes stay proportionally comfortable and handsome.

Lastly, I apologize for the rushed photo work. I just wanted to share with everyone right when I got them! Professional shots are coming soon. We were introduced to an excellent photographer who is obsessed with minimalist footwear himself, and it will be really exciting working with him.

Thank you for your continued support and your patience. 

Best Regards,


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Mountain Chang
Mountain Chang


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