Shoes Finish May 3rd

Hi Primal People,

I'll keep this one short and sweet. Turns out, that sidewall adjustment I mentioned in the last newsletter did delay the outsoles, and it bottlenecked production. We're getting real close now, though. They are scheduled to complete assembly and ship out May 3rd. It'll take about 5 business days for the shoes to reach me in San Diego, hopefully Friday the 10th. My team and I will be hustling throughout the weekend to get these ready and out the door by Monday the 13th. And just one more update...

New Look

If you haven't stopped by our new website yet, drop by for a second The home page needs some detailing, but check out that product page:

That's it for now! Trust me, I'm even antsier than you are =)

Barefoot Mountain, CPA

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Mountain Chang
Mountain Chang


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