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Shoes are here...

...and I have them packed and ready to go! Sorry it took so long to update you. After all the delays, I didn't want to say anything until things were as certain as they are now =). 2013 was a year of disappointing setbacks, but we were able to finish it strong. My wife Cherry and I were working hard through the holidays to fulfill all outstanding orders within December as promised, and I'm proud to say we did it. We've learned a ton, particularly about manufacturing, quality, and fulfillment, and look forward to providing ever greater products and service.

Most SKU's are in stock now, and the ones that aren't can be reserved from our Spring shipment at $20 off, on Returning customers, remember to use your discount code, and/or share it with friends that have been waiting! If you don't remember it, just reply to this email for a reminder.

But before you order, check out our...


New Sizing Guide

It's made based on my experiences helping multiple customers one-on-one, whether through email or in person, find the the perfect pair of PriPro's for them. 

At first we didn't have a sizing guide ready yet, and I noticed that all of our exchanges were for shoes too big. Next, we posted up an overly-complicated chart from Wikipedia with measurements and conversions from every sizing standard. Then we simplified it to just a measurement and "Your PriPro" in U.S. sizing, but then we started getting the opposite problem, with lots of exchanges for shoes too small. So here we are with a new sizing guide that is simpler than ever, and I hope more accurate than ever.

Continuous Improvement: one of our core company (and my personal) values. Speaking of which, here's another improvement...


New Shoe Trees

We recently changed vendors for our complimentary accessories. Our old shoe trees, while comprised of US materials, were made in China, meaning double-shipping. Sourcing locally makes an enormous difference for the climate. According to gizmag,"15 of the largest ships now emit as much sulphur oxide as the worlds 760 million cars." Hat-tip to customer Justin Whitehead for sharing!


Now? They're made in the USA by Woodlore. You may have heard of their parent company: Allen Edmonds. They make amazing shoes in the US--good enough for presidents on Inauguration Day. And they've been doing so for almost a century, almost as long as our shoemaker. We're proud to offer Woodlore's aromatic red cedar shoe trees with every pair of the Primal Professional.


That's all for now. Stay tuned for even bigger announcements in the coming months! 2014 is going to be huge.


Best Regards,

Mountain Evan Chang

Mountain Chang
Mountain Chang


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