Save $40-60 with pre-orders, partnership opportunities, and first reviews

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 Hi Primal People,

1. All sizes have passed with flying colors. Testing complete, preparing for production.
2. Our website is live.
3. Save $40-$60 with a pre-order & secure shoes on our limited first production run.
4. Partnership opportunities for stores, bloggers, healthcare professionals, and gyms.
5. See our first fit reviews.

1. All of our sizes have passed with flying colors. Steve & Meagan of Technically Running had this to say about the new last versus the one that wouldn't fit our shoemaker's machines: "they are much more comfortable and the style, design, and fit has increased drastically.  Just by looking at them I could tell they were much less 'bulbous'...These are looking really good!" We are now building outsole molds, the most time- and money-intensive step. Soon, we will begin our 4-week materials acquisition period, next the 8-week production cycle, and then our shoes will be on their way to you.

2. Our website is live. More content on its way. Beautifully designed by Go Fish Digital, the guys behind MyFiveFingers, to showcase our shoes.

3. Save $30 off the retail price (CA residents save an additional $20 on sales tax), plus FREE shipping, with a pre-order today. Guarantee a pair for yourself from our very limited first production run, no risk. Full refunds available anytime before ship date. After ship date, every shoe is backed by 365-day free returns and exchanges plus our manufacturer's workmanship and material warranty. Promotions valid only through Friday, November 30th 2012.

4. Stores, bloggers, healthcare professionals, and gyms...we are offering 3 ways to partner with us. Traditional wholesale, dropshipping with a starter pack, or our affiliate referrals program, there is something for everyone. Reply to this e-mail to request more details.

5. Nicholas Pang wrote up a fit review, our first, on his website, Minimalist Running Shoes. Keep an eye out for another review from a fan who wore the Primal Professionals on his wedding day at Birthday Shoes

Best Regards,


Mountain Chang
Mountain Chang


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David Waller
David Waller

May 21, 2013

I just found this part of the site after I emailed you. i’d be very interested in the preorder/partnership/review thing! I’d certainly introduce them my primal trainer and the crowd here, as well as walk them into the local runner stores which do brisk business in Vibram, et all.

210 41-6914 after 330CDT

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