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August 03, 2017

I've been blessed with a lot of glowing testimonials from you. Although you come from different industries and engage in different sports, you all share one thing in common: a drive to be the best you can be. 

Someone just like you has found daily relief with our shoes, the highest intersection of style and comfort. Click on Your Industry or Your Sport below.

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Hey I just wanted to thank you for making such a great shoe.

I put the pads on the heel and toe and it fit worked out.

I work in a top fine dining restaurant in Vancouver, BC Canada and these shoes are literally the greatest thing ever.

I occasionally have some cool guests that are wearing some vivo type barefoot shoes and i show them the hidden heel and they are blown away.

I never have to think about my shoes or worry about them, my foot being comfortable all day while also being able to splay out.

These shoes are a life saver thanks again.

They are also lasting very very well even with walking around 35 hours a week.

My first pair of primals are coming up on 4 years old, and I am debating about having them overhauled vs replaced... They have served me well through countless miles, countries, terminals, and polluted tarmac in my job as a pilot and aviation consultant, so I am partial to having them reconditioned... But a sneak peek at the next gen might just tip the scales that direction instead...

Biggest obstacle was the price, almost 5x the cost of any shoes I had ever purchased before. I know you are small and cannot spread the costs out to many copies of the shoes, but that is probably the number one thing to work on (without sacrificing the soul of the shoe/quality of course!)

But it did make a difference in lower back fatigue and sciatica after my back surgery. Going back to work boots with a heel periodically reminds me of why I wear primals at work, vibrams when working out, and minimal sole casual shoes the rest of the time!

I received my shoes yesterday and am wearing them for the first time today.  They are incredible!  What a difference from the standard uniform shoes!  The size is perfect and they feel great on my feet.  Thanks again for your great customer service.  


The shoes came in.  I'm thrilled.  

Maybe some first thoughts would help?

Outstanding.  I really like the way the shoes look normal but allows for a fit much more in line with my physical values and goals.

The shoe tree and bags are a wonderful addition.  Provide more value than expected, right?!

I appreciate the note saying not to work out in them.  I actually had to stop myself from playing soccer with my kids when I came home.

I'm an officer in the Army.  I love that I can wear these shoes in uniform.  I love that I get to represent your grandfather in the process too.

Can't wait to get the brown shoes and check out the boots when you're done!

Best of luck, Mountain.  Really hope you're build a successful business offering a great product.

Thank you,

Steve Smith


After wearing them several times a week and walking quite a bit, I have to say they're very comfortable and fit right in with my business casual attire. Very happy with my new shoes.

I reached for my Chronology as my go-to shoe for an international wedding and did not regret it one moment.

The trip was to India, and I knew that I would be wearing dress shoes for different occasions across my weeks of travel including: the ceremony itself, celebrations and receptions, pre-celebration/receptions, and every dinner in between where I knew I would need look sharp and stay comfortable for long hours on/off my feet.

I love my Chronology for the natural foot posturing (extremely flat feet) but also the top notch materials ensure my feet shoes a lighter feel than any other dress shoe that I own. Damn important when you are spending hours on end on the dance floor.

joe rigdon chronology shoes testimonial

Your shoes are AMAZING.  I continue to be blown away by the look/feel of them.

It was like I was wearing slippers, but nobody knew it. (full review on Toe Salad)


The PriPros are just too comfortable to wear anything else! They are still looking great after years of constant wear, and my feet still feel great at the end of the 13- to 16-hour days. (follow-up review, three years later, on Toe Salad)


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