Steven Smith, 36, U.S. Army Special Forces, Seattle, WA


The shoes came in.  I'm thrilled.  

Maybe some first thoughts would help?

Outstanding.  I really like the way the shoes look normal but allows for a fit much more in line with my physical values and goals.

The shoe tree and bags are a wonderful addition.  Provide more value than expected, right?!

I appreciate the note saying not to work out in them.  I actually had to stop myself from playing soccer with my kids when I came home.

I'm an officer in the Army.  I love that I can wear these shoes in uniform.  I love that I get to represent your grandfather in the process too.

Can't wait to get the brown shoes and check out the boots when you're done!

Best of luck, Mountain.  Really hope you're build a successful business offering a great product.

Thank you,

Steve Smith


Mountain Chang
Mountain Chang