Frequently Asked Questions


This spreadsheet provides a continuously updated timeline of what we've completed, what remains, and their ETA. Check back anytime to see where we’re at =) 


Soon! We have a rich oxblood colorway to the Fer, available for preorder. What I love about this color is that it pretty much goes with anything that black or brown would! After this run, we'll add a light tan as well. I’ve pretty much worn nothing but black shoes on my feet for years now, so some color would be nice =) The best way to get news on their availability is through our monthly newsletter:


We spent a lot of time writing and revising our sizing guide. Check it out here: If additional clarification is needed, we’d be more than happy to help. Shoot us a message using the form below. Let us know what sizes and widths you wear in other brands, and whether they fit snug or loose.


We ship worldwide! $30 flat to Canada, $45 flat to everywhere else. Please note your government may assess additional customs duties and taxes before you can receive the item. For Non-US returns and exchanges, you'll need to ship the original shoes back to us, but we'll send out your replacement for no extra charge.


Our shoes currently don't have a removable insert, so there might not be enough space for a traditional orthotic. When I first designed these shoes, I was a bit of a barefoot purist, and naive in thinking that going barefoot is a cure-all for everyone. I know better now that some people could still benefit from orthotics. I'm going to correct this, but it requires a change in the last, and that requires changing everything else: upper patterns and outsole molds, so it may take longer than a year before I can have those changes hit shelves. Fortunately, I met the founder of Soul Insole. It's a small sticky gel insert that can fit in a larger range of footwear than traditional inserts.


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